Location: Toronto, ON

Industry: Internet book publishing
Customer since: 2011

Goal: As Wattpad’s first furniture supplier, Workspace Group (WSG) has helped this client grow their downtown Toronto facility from an initial staff of 15 people to a current staff of 175+. Workspace Group (WSG) has helped Wattpad – now a Canadian tech success story – through multiple moves, each time expanding vocabulary of furniture, while maintaining their original investment. The latest installation occurred at their downtown Toronto offices in a 100-year old building, meaning tight alleys and working with existing building amenities. However, WSG’s project manager and in-house installation team ensure the delivery and assembly of the furniture was seamless. This multi-floor office includes the original Herman Miller Everywhere Tables and Sayl Chairs purchased back in 2011 and the new installation of two fixed Layout Studio Clusters complete with data and wire management. According to Wattpad’s Office Manager, Melanie Munroe: “Working with Workspace Group is easy because they represent a great quality product and respect our budget. Plus, the customer service has been wonderful; even the delivery and installation has been flawless.” Learn more about the Wattpad move.

Office Furniture Scope: Seating, tables, workstations.

Products: Herman Miller Sayl seatingHerman Miller Everywhere tables, Herman Miller Layout studio workstations.