Location: Burlington, Ontario

Industry: Manufacturer of Building Products
Design Firm: Truspace
Customer since: 2018

Goal: Vicwest was looking to create a dynamic look for their newly renovated 5900 sq. ft. office where collaboration and private office space could seamlessly coexist. Working with Truspace, WSG was able to offer a variety of product that would fulfill their vision of creating a clean and modern space while respecting their budget. The pop of red, which capitalizes on their logo colour, is accentuated in the finishes throughout the work, reception and meeting areas. This is the type of office where employees feel energized to do their very best work, every single day.

Office Furniture Scope: 37 workstations, 12 private offices, boardroom tables, reception area and lunchroom.

Products: Canvas Office Landscape, SitOnIt Novo Chairs, custom IOF storage,Eames Tables, Limerick Chairs, Everywhere Tables,Flo Monitor Arms