Location: Mississauga, ON; Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; Piscataway Township, NJ

Industry: Customer Management Solutions
Design Firm: Petrini Designs/The Design Co.
Customer since: 2001

Goal: This client’s goal is to continually expand to accommodate their growing staff in multiple locations and business processes. For more than 17 years, Workspace Group (WSG) and Kubra have developed a true partnership; they can count on us for great furniture solutions as their business continues to expand and we are there for any small add-ons or warranty work. The key to a great longterm partnership is that the dealer is there for the client before, during and after installation. Read client testimonial here.

Office Furniture Scope: 650+ workstations, private offices, lunch rooms, reception areas, coffee/meeting areas, filing and storage, custom whiteboards. 

Product: Herman Miller Resolve workstations, Herman Miller Canvas product, Herman Miller Sense Desking Systems, Martack whiteboards and glassboards, Geiger Caucus Furniture, Herman Miller seating, Prismatique boardroom table.