WSG installation at Mark Anthony with BRC Stylwall

Relocatable Wall Systems

A natural extension to our product offering.

When it comes to creative space planning, movable glass walls let in more light, reduce physical barriers and help create an open, accessible space. Workspace Group (WSG) loves this concept for its flexibility: no drywall, no taping, no sanding…NO DUST! It’s like modular furniture – it can be reconfigured at a moment’s notice. If you decide on Friday you need to open up an area in your office, the job can be done in a couple of days!

WSG installation at Mark Anthony Wine & Spirits with BRC Stylwall

Muraflex MIMO wall installation

Who We Represent

Great product with great service.

Workspace Group (WSG) has chosen to work with three top manufacturers: Muraflex, BRC Stylwall and IMT Modular Partitions. Why? They all offer offer a superior product, sophisticated demountable solutions and installation expertise. We have used these manufacturers for a number of projects and our clients have been thrilled with the results. Some studies suggest that when employees have fewer physical barriers (e.g. traditional walls), they are relaxed, comfortable and even more productive in their workplace. And when employees are more productive, it is reflected in your bottom line.

Video of wall installation


A slender, sophisticated demountable wall solution.

Muraflex’s MIMO wall is a popular product among Workspace Group (WSG) It can be installed over existing flooring, accommodate all kinds of doors and storage systems, can be fully wired and easily moved and reconfigured. Made from fully recyclable aluminum, frames are available in many colours and finishes. Engineered to address multiple configurations for different applications, MIMO can easily be interchanged from center glaze to offset glaze to double glaze, whether it is in 3/8” or 1/2” glass, all using the same core profile. Local professionals are on hand for installations.

Video of wall installation

WSG installation at Mark Anthony Wine & Spirits with BRC Stylwall and alternate glass solutions

BRC StylWall

A sleek contemporary design.

This wall product has a sleek, contemporary design that provides both solid wall demising and glass features in 2” and 4” thickness. It is easily customized for creative wall textures, and alternate glass solutions for small offices or complete floor layouts. BRC StylWall supports the manufacturing of this product in North America by providing locally sourced glass, laminates, veneers and hardware. All project management and installation services are handled by local staff.

IMT Modular Walls

Complete modular office solutions.

IMT’s architectural wall solutions are known for their excellent design and high quality construction, providing endless configurations for office room dividers with demountable glass partitions and movable wall dividers. IMT’s modular office solutions are environmentally responsible with 94% of the raw materials used produced from partially recycled materials and with nearly 100% reusability.