Fortune 500 Expertise

Professional companies need professional service.

The Workspace Group (WSG) team will work hand-in-hand with your facilities professionals, architects and designers to address the dynamic and ever-changing activities of your office. We’re your partners in transforming space, no matter where you’re located in North America. Our dedicated account team has extensive experience in each stage of your project: design interpretation, order entry, project management, installation and customer service. We’re with you every step of the way!

Employee Retention

Treat your employees like they make a difference – and they will.

Our keen understanding of furniture selection will make the most of your space, boost productivity and create an environment where employees can collaborate and reach their potential. Workspace Group’s (WSG) best-in-class furniture offerings can adapt to constantly changing modes of work – and we pass our most current knowledge onto you.

Collaboration Zones

Let’s face it. People need to get away from their desks.

The key is ensuring your office has zones where staff can gather in an informal setting either for quiet reflection or informal collaboration. Workspace Group’s (WSG) ancillary furniture solutions can enhance or create these spaces: welcoming reception areas, appealing lunchrooms, comfortable depressurization zones or ‘hang out’ areas to spur creative conversation, innovative thinking or just a different space to work.

A Great Partnership

We’re in it for the long run.

We recognize the selection of a vendor is more than a present day buying decision; it’s one that reflects a commitment to a long-term business relationship. If you’re looking for a company that operates with transparency and respect – one that allows you to do your best work as a part of a team – we encourage you to learn more about us.